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2nd Edition Couponizer®


You may remember my previous review on the Couponizer that I wrote here. Well I’m here to announce that there’s a brand new 2nd Edition Couponizer® that just came out!
Here’s what it includes:

  • A fresh new look and feel
  • Durable plastic covers with closure strap
  • Tear-proof materials
  • 3 new coupon pockets
  • Directions for printing $100’s worth of coupons

The All-NEW system includes:

  • The Couponizer
  • Shopping List
  • CoupTracker
  • CoupStacker
  • Carrying Bag
  • Scissors
  • InstructionsYou’ll will love the ease of this product. I’m big on keeping things organized and saving money! If I can at least do that somewhere, it makes me happy. As a mom and a wife life can be busy and hectic, we need all the help we can get sometimes and the Couponizer is one place that we can easily keep on top of things!The Couponizer retails for $19.95. It’s completely worth it because I’ve been using it myself for  a few months now, and I’ve saved clear over $300 with using coupons alone! It pays for itself! Check it out today, I believe no home should be without one. I personally think it would make a wonderful mother’s day gift too!


Better Life-2am Miracle Cleaner Review


“We make Better Life™ green cleaning products because we want a better life. For our kids, pets, dads, moms, and especially Mom Earth. Our natural household cleaning products are safe on all surfaces. Especially the one we live on.”

I must say that the above statement floats my boat! I like keeping a tidy clean household but I’m always feeling in doing so, I’m creating toxic environment to my family. My mind was clearly changed when I discovered the eco friendly movement just this year and learned about all the great non toxic cleaners available like Better Life for all my cleaning needs.

I was able to try out a few their wonderful products and I really must rave about my favorite out of them all! As a mom of a 10 month old, the 2am Miracle Cleaner that they offer was just that, a miracle! I find with a little one around my cleaning duty of a stay at home wife and mother doubled! My little one is already walking extremely well so she gets a lot more things dirty from doors, floors, walls, and more! This cleaner has me covered as it’s a safe nursery cleaner made for cribs, changing tables, changing pads, car seats, highchairs, diaper pails, toys, walls, doors, floors, and mattresses! There’s no rinsing and no residue! This product also has essential oils for natural cleansing and aromatherapy properties.

Did I mention also that this cleaner is Perfect for the three P’s (poop, pee and puke)? I can honestly say I’ve had all three happen lately and this cleaner was there to rescue me and clean the poop stain off the floor! I still think the best quality about this product though is that it’s completely safe for kids. I am enjoy the much needed comfort in knowing that my cleaning supplies aren’t harmful!

Now that you’ve been enlightened on the 2am Miracle Cleaner, I would like to let you know that all Better Life cleaning products use agents which are free of petrochemicals and ethoxylates; the power behind our green cleaners comes directly from plants and vegetation that Mother Nature provides. This means all Better Life natural cleaners rapidly biodegrade. In fact, all Better Life green cleaning products far exceed both U.S. and European biodegradability standards. Cleaning with Better Life products means that you are using safe cleaners that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfates, and other chemicals which are irritants to the skin and respiratory system.

And with all that being said, I encourage you to check out their site online. You can purchase these great cleaners from various places and online stores like,, and to name a few.

I wanted to mention that if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get $10 off their starter kit

Eco Store USA Review


I want to let you know how pleased that I am with the three green products that I was able to test out from Eco Store USA. The products I chose to review are Pure Oxygen Whitener, Auto Dish Wash Powder, and the Baby Sleepy Time Bath.

Eco Store USA has many wonderful products lines from household care, bath and body, pet care, and they even have products for your little one. I think you should know right off that their motto is NO NASTY CHEMICALS and with knowing just that, I was completely won over.

The Eco Store USA baby line is great and it was extremely hard for me to choose what product to review from that line. I finally, after much consideration decided on the Sleepy Time Bath. This product is scented with lavender, geranium, and Eucalyptus which is the perfect combination to for a calming bath time. I sometimes take baths with my daughter so I was able to take in this product in first hand. All of the products at Eco Store USA are super concentrated so all we had to use was one small capful for our bath! The smell of the Sleepy Time Bath wasn’t over powering at all, and I found it to be the perfect aromatherapy blend. Our skin was left soft and we smelled great afterwards. I would advise using this at night time before bed as after bathing my daughter, we were both ready to drift off to sleepy land. Another great thing about the baby products is that they contain NO toxic petrochemicals, NO laurel sulphates, NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes, and NO NASTY CHEMICALS!

I don’t use the dishwasher very much. I use it during special occasion, when guest are over, or on Sundays when we are busy with church and outings all day. I commonly use the dish wash powder from Costco which only really does the job half the time. I really hate when I use the dishwasher and then my products come out no cleaner than when they went in! I was surprised when I used the Auto Dish Washer Powder from Eco Store USA and my products came out with no nasty residue, no caked on food, and no grease! This product left my dishes clean and smelling great with the performance blend of simple mineral salts, citrus and Coconut oils. Also again, this product is ultra concentrated, you only have to use one tablespoon per dishwasher load. Again, NO NASTY CHEMICALS!

I love all the products that I tested out, but the Pure Oxygen Whitener just might be my favorite as I’m able to use it for so many things! I put off this review for a little while because I wanted to thoroughly test mainly this product out! I tested this product first out on the mildew that continually resides in my windows. We dissolved about 2tbsp of the whitener in a bucket and went to work on the windows sills. The mildew came off with such ease and mainly my house was not filled with bleach fumes. I then tested this out on my daughter’s nappies prior to washing and soaking over night did the job as they came out completely white and smelling very fresh! I then cleaned the counters, the toilets, the and the bathtub. You can use Pure Oxygen Whitener all around the home for cleaning and sanitizing, simply dissolve in warm and use to clean to your hearts content. I won’t need any for a while as with this product and all their others, a little goes a long way.

Eco Store has a great line of products and they work well without the harsh chemicals.  Are you like I was and eager to try these products out for yourself, Check out their products at You can also starting this month, purchase their products exclusively at Meijer stores throughout the Midwest … that’s all 185 Meijer locations in five states!