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Creative Scents Gray Birch Fabric Storage Box


The Creative Scents Fabric Lidded Storage Box can be used in so many ways. The attractive color is neutral and fits well into every single room of my house. This box is very durable and I imagine it will last for quite awhile. I’m currently using it store my recent knitting projects. I like that the inner contents are kept protected from busy little ones and those un-wanted unraveling accidents that have happened before! Continue reading

InstaNatural Lemon & Peppermint Essential Oils Review


As of last year, I was introduced to essential oils for the first time. I’ve been learning about all the benefits overtime and have been pleased with my findings. To benefit completely, one  will need to do a bit of testing and experimentation to find which and what works best for them.  Two oils I believe that are best to start out with are Peppermint and Lemon. These two oils can be used for household cleaning,  aroma therapy, skin care,  stress relief, immune system boosting, and much more! Continue reading

Premium Delicates Laundry Bags {Review}


Life is full of mundane tasks and there’s no ignoring them. These things must be done in the home to maintain order. Doing the laundry, is totally in the the top ten lists of mundane tasks. Everyone needs clean clothes and making the laundry routine manageable is totally high priority whether you have a family or are living on your own. In, creating an easy to follow through system, one has the ability to create a more serene atmosphere in their home and in their life.

A useful accessory I found beneficial to maintaining an acceptable routine are laundry bags. Out of all I’ve used in my eight years of washing and drying for my family are The Premium Delicates Laundry Bags by InsideSmarts. This set is my definite favorite and my most highly recommended.

The bags come in a set of four. There are two medium bags (12″x15″) and two large bags (16″x19″). Three of the bags are white and one is black. The black bag is one of the large bag options which holds a generous amount. The colors makes sorting fast and prevents washing my delicates in the wrong color load by accident.


What I noticed right away about these bags is the tight mesh. The mesh allows for protection of my delicate attire and doesn’t sacrifice cleaning power . Each of the bags feature a durable plastic zipper. The fact the zipper is plastic eases my mind of thinking rust or any other discoloring may damage my clothes compared to other bags I’ve used in the past.

There’s an elastic band on these bags where when the zipper is closed and slid underneath, it prevents the inner contents to tumble out into the wash. I’ve no longer had to dig through a wet load to untangle bra straps or to repair socks. These bags have really extended the life of certain garments.


Aside from socks and intimate apparel, I’ve used these bags for washing my yarn collection! In doing this, my yarn comes out odor free and feeling softer. In washing beforehand, it makes the yarn more manageable when knitting or crocheting. I feared doing this because I’ve had bags come open and leave a huge tangled mess but with these bags I’ve had zero problems! I’m so happy!

These bags have many appealing features and I feel they will last for a good long while. The price at $17.95 for the quality you are receiving is very reasonable. These are also made in the USA!

If you would like to learn more about these laundry bags,please visit InsideSmarts for more information and for purchasing.

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