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Loteda {Review & Discount)


I’m am sucker for a great deal especially when it comes to purchasing clothes. Let’s be honest, clothing can get quite expensive for children especially as they get older and have random growth spurts when we least expect it. I’ve had to literally go out and purchase the next size up for my son during a season I thought I was already equipped for! You’d think there was something in the water, right? So, I’m excited about a brand new business called Loteda that you can buy & sell gently-worn children’s clothing by the lot covering an entire season whether it be Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter! This company is still in the beta stages but shows great promises in expanding! I’ve asked and they are hoping to grow from offering newborn to 5t already and into other children’s sizes as well as offering maternity clothes for moms! How great is that?

P1150912-001The website is very easy to navigate. If you are choosing to purchase it’s good to know the clothing lots are listed by gender, age, size, and season. I think buying clothing in lots saves so much time! Honestly it has saved me personally hours and hours of mixing, matching, or bidding whether it be shopping online or in a store. The size of each clothing lot varies and so does the price. What I really like is that the shipping price is included so there’s no guessing what your total cost will be before you check out! The prices are reasonable and the money saved is a huge difference! If you’re lucky, there’s bound to be a coupon code around so it’s a good idea to get connected on all the companies social media outlets.

P1150919I purchased a clothing lot for my daughter off Loteda for the Autumn season and couldn’t be happier. The lot included 16 pieces making up eight outfits for just $32.00 shipped. How amazing of a deal is that? I could never get such a deal even shopping at my local thrift stores. The quality of the clothes are impeccable. I kept really wondering if these were worn before! So, it’s great that they are sending pretty high quality apparel out. Brands in the lot of clothes I got for my daughter include Lands End, Circo, LEI, Beetle Juice London, Gymboree, and Greendog to name just off the top of my head. Our lot of clothes had a few dresses, lots of cute tunic tops, and plenty of leggings. My daughter was thrilled with her new clothes and absolutely loved everything wanting to model it and have her own little fashion show. How could I say no?


I’ve yet to earn money on Loteda, only save it! But it seems like a pretty simple process. You basically take pictures of your organized by season clothing items and upload those pictures to Loteda. They will calculate competitive prices based on original detail and condition for you. Once your lot sells they will send you a prepaid shipping bag for you to put the clothes in and mail. When the person that bought your lot of clothes receives it Loteda will pay you 90% of the selling price. Or you if you don’t want to go through that process, you can send your stuff to Loteda through a requested prepaid shipping bag and they will do all the work for you and you’ll receive a 60% if the selling price instead. Either way sounds like a great incentive for me to start making up lots of clothes my kids have grown out of!

Whether selling or buying, you’ll be saving big when it comes to Loteda at least by 70%. I still couldn’t believe when I learned that the average American family spends on average $804 dollars a year per child on just clothing. I don’t know about you but I’m eager to see where this company goes and how families likes yours and mine can help it get there! Check it out today.


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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a clothing lot for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.

Color Me Couture Book Review & Giveaway

Color Me Couture is a book that allows you to learn about and add your own touch to fashions throughout the ages of history. This unique offering offers great appeal to one that wants to design fashion , those curious to learn about fashions during certain periods, and artist eager to expand their skills in such a way as this. Whether it be one of those things or all, this book certainly might be of interest. There’s really no age recommendation for this book because it is put together in way that anyone could benefit and learn from, be it one of their school age years or beyond that.


There are 192 pages within this book. Readers will find an introduction of the book followed by several fashion categories ending with acknowledgments and about the contributors. The categories of fashion designs are Vintage Dresses, Contemporary Dresses, Assorted Fashion Garments, and Shoes & Hats. Each design is covered on two pages. The first page has an illustration of the garment, the title of the piece is called “Glacial Ball Gown” for example. And is followed by the date and season, material, inspiration & style, followed a description and a snippet of history on it. On the second page, the fashion illustration is on but the inner parts completed on the first page are left blank for you to design and color however you so chose. I really like how much freedom is given to design and create whether you’d want to design for that era or take that piece and make someone completely new.

This book would most certainly make a great keepsake after used to hold on to to share with future generations as well something to look back upon when you get that itch to design. When I have little more free time, I’m excited to start doodling around with this book myself. I love to draw and create and believe this book has the ability to awaken all sorts of imaginative and chic designs that are currently lying a bit dormant! I love that I’m learning history about pieces from the 1800’s to 1960’s and beyond! What a wonderful book!

Interested in Purchasing? Color Me Couture: Imagine, Create and Sketch Your Own Fashion Designs is available on for $9.27 as of this posting.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Color Me Couture Imagine, Create and Sketch Your Own Fashion DesignsBy Gloria Collazo and Catherine Mong through Ulysses Press.  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.