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Snot Be gone, Boogie Wipes Review!

Boogie Wipes…I’m going to admit when I heard the name, I was grossed out slightly( anything about boogers is icky to me). I was intrigued on the other hand to learn more about this product as I have a little one who on occasion is full of snot and little boogies.

It was unfortunate that my daughter came down with her first cold this winter. She was not her chipper self and her poor little nose was running like a faucet. Kleenex’s just weren’t cutting it, her little nose became as red as Rudolphs and I was so afraid that continued use would make her little nose raw! I then remembered a friend of mine whom had recommended Boogie Wipes to me a while back. I was ready to try anything as using Kleenex’s were getting frustrating for me to use and weren’t making my little one happy either. boogiewipes

I opened the colorful package and of course my daughter was drawn toward it too. Anything that crinkles just floats her boat. I really liked the smell of these especially the grape and I think it’s important for you to know that I hate anything artificially grape flavored. I then took one out the package and gently wiped my daughters nose, I didn’t’ even have to scrub away to get the stuck dry ones off, it was great and my daughter was happy too!

These are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, lightly scented and have a unique formula which moisturizes with added Chamomile, Vitamin E, and Aloe. I admit I even tried one out on myself too. The wipes moisturizes and gently wipes away without any worry of irritation or redness!

Another  great thing is that when your kids have a cold there won’t be random tissues behind the couch, on the floor, or under their bed anymore! Trust me, I know that Kleenex’s somehow end up there and it’s always pretty nasty for me to pick those up. I have no problem picking up  Boogie Wipes. There’s absolutely no icky factor for me anymore.

These come in: Fresh Scent, Grape Scent, and Magical Menthol. Available in 30 ct. packages for $3.99 or 10 ct. on the go packs for $2.99. These are available in many national chains as wells as online,  and you can find a store near you here.

Do you know a new mom? They also offer a great diaper cakes that are wonderful gifts at baby showers!

I encourage you to sign up for the Boogie Bunch to receive the latest offers and news from Boogie Wipes as well as a $1 off coupon! Trust me when I say, these are a must have in any diaper bag or home medicine cabinet! Boogie Wipes has made this mom’s life a little easier and I thank them for that. 🙂

Neat Solutions Table Topper Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Neat Solutions Table toppers in the Sesame Street design!

My husband and I tend to go out to eat a few times a month and when we are out; our nine month old daughter comes along with us. I will attest that I don’t trust any place to be very clean in public. Just recently we were out the waitress quickly wiped down the table and the chair where my daughter was being placed and seated. She was using a wet rag that she just threw back in a wet bucket when she was done. I was nearly mortified! Do you know how many germs that cloth and bucket of water was probably reeking with? I shudder at the thought. My little one eats her own little snacks and happily bangs on the table but there was no way I was going to let her do that on that surface without some sort of protection. That’s where Neat Solutions Table toppers came into play!

Neat Solutions Table toppers are great. They are disposable stick in place mats for your children. They come in fun designs from Sesame Street, Winnie The Pooh, Baby Einstein, Dora, and more! They are also BPA-Free, PVC-Free, and phthalate-Free. My daughter loves to look out the bright colorful placemats while she eats and it keeps her preoccupied while mommy and daddy eat and socialize with friends!

Thanks to Neat Solutions Table toppers I can eat and enjoy time out with peace of mind knowing I’m keeping my daughter safe and healthy!

Neat Solutions also offers lots other products to stay clean and sanitary. Such as – Potty Topper, Multi-Use Pads, Disposable Bibs, Floor Topper, XL Changing Pads, All-In-One Meal Kits and much more. You can purchase table toppers at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us , or Babies ‘R’ Us. All of these products are also available to purchase from their website.

Munchie Mug Review


My daughter loves snacks with a passion! If you say the word puff, yum-yum, or snack, she comes crawling as fast as she can with a huge grin on her face! She likes doing things herself so instead of me giving her one snack at the time, she wants to hold the bowl of snacks all by herself. You can only guess what happens next! She becoming so overjoyed that I let her have the snack bowel, picks it up with a squeal launching her goodies everywhere!  What a mess for this mommy to clean up!

I then discovered the Munchie Mug! This wonderful little device has made snack time a lot more enjoyable for Mommy and my daughter. Basically, the Munchie Mug is a cup and good size one at that.  The mug has a soft cloth like lid that slides over your childs hand to retrieve the munchie and then they can easily remove their hand it closes! I was wondering why know one thought of this before now!

100_7328I am in love with the Munchie Mug as there has been no snack time mess since I’ve begun using it! Some other pros are that it is  top rack dishwasher safe and it is so convenient for us when we are on the go.

It is 100% made in the USA and made 100% of FDA approved materials. It is also 100% recyclable so great for the environment.  I think it’s great too that if you use ziplcok bags or sometihng of the sort for snacks, that you won’t have to anymore. You’ll be thinkg Green when you use this as you’ll be eliminating waste as well! What are waiting for, get your own at

Label Daddy Review


photos_shoeAs a parent, I know how important it is to label my child’s things. If your children are out and about or even at home, you are going to find or have already found out how important labeling things are. I’m sure if you’re a parent, you’ve used the good ole’ permanent marker but ever after a few washes whether in the dish or laundry washer, the good ole’ name written out in sharpie starts to fade out. I can attest to this because while my daughter is at the nursery, they took the liberty of labeling my daughters sippy cups and snack bowls for me and her name written out has already faded.

I was surfing through various mom blogs a few weeks ago and happened upon Label Daddy labels. These are really great labels as they are dishwasher, washer and dryer, and even microwaveable safe. You can use these labels for clothing, sports supplies, shoes, luggage, spices, home address, and more. photos_allergy_other

My favorite label is the allergy label as this is very important for your children to have so as their caregivers won’t give them something that’s an endangerment to their life. My daughter is currently allergic to peas and this is an allergy that I hope she grows out of but if not, I’m going to get a set of these labels because you can never be to careful.

Label Daddy Labels are extremely easy to purchase for your needs. They are fully customizable which is great! You can pick from the various color, font, text and an icon, for your design. You even have the option to have your labels laminated for items that are more heavy duty.

I highly recommend them to everyone as it’s important to keep things in order and these will just make your life that much easier. What are you waiting for, visit Label Daddy today!

Special Code for my readers: Enter c2clabeldaddy to receive 10% off discount when checking out!