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Cover Your Hair Review

When it comes to accessorizing, I’m immediately drawn to search for head ware first. Not only do they add that special pizzaz, they are a perfect solution to any bad hair day! I live in Oregon where it rains a lot and when it’s rainy my hair is often more full and this makes it sometimes hard to control. Headware is the perfect solution to complement and complete any outfit as well.

I was thrilled when through Facebook, I learned about Cover You!  I checked out their site and then immediantly became a fan! You can find all sorts of accessories for your hair in variety of colors and styles! From Snoods, Bandannas, Hats, Berets, Hairbands, Headbands, Tichels, Hair scarf , headwraps, and more!

Their mission is to  provide low cost hair covering products to their consumers. Along the way, they’ve have blazed new trails in Jewish fashion. As a recognized industry leader,  they pride themselves in servicing each and every order as if it were their very first!

I was sent the All Around Wide Pre Tied Headband in hot pink, Paisley Wide Pre Tied Headband in light blue, and a very stylish purple head band with tail!

I had never worn a head band with a tail before, and I never knew what I was missing out on before! I found that it was very easy to tie with minimal effort. I love these because of the versatility, they come in many types of fabrics, prints, and legnths.

The pretied headbands are also very nice because, they stay securely in place and I found that they are much easier to wear than the traditional tie-up bandanas. These work great for short hair or long, hair up or hair down!  Overall, I love all of the headbands  I recieved from their site and plan on getting more!

You should check them out for yourself at: Cover You

You can follow them on twitter @coveryourhair and also stay update to date with all their great giveaways and contest on their facebook page.

Sleepy Heads



I’m naturally cold, so during the fall and winter months I’m usually bundled up more than the normal person and trying to stay as warm as much as I possibly can. Because of this, I’m always on the look out for a good set of flannel pajamas.

I happened across Sleepy Heads the other day and I want to say first that I am quite impressed with their huge selection of sleepwear for both summer and winter months. They have great selections for men, woman, and even the kids!  (I’m a huge fan of their Hello Kitty lounge wear!)

This company was kind enough to send me my very own set of pajamas to review!  I was sent the THINK PINK flannel pajamas. These pj’s are incredibly cute in style and in pattern, as they are decorated with roses, pink ribbons, and the word Think Pink on them. These pajamas are of great quality, very soft, and thick compared to my other pj’s! I can’t wait to start wearing these this winter. Oh, and another nice thing to know is that with each sell of the the Think Pink pj’s, 10% is being donated to breast cancer research.

I can only imagine how cute these pj’s would be at a slumber party, or out shopping ( I’m not so bold). My husband even commented that he liked some of the items over at Sleepy Heads for men! Just a note that these would make wonderful Father’s Day gifts or any other time 😉

Sleepy Head offers more than just sleepwear, you can find candles, shoes, bags, aprons, and more!
Check them out today at:

Classy Nail Files Review

right_col4I had heard of the popular trend of crystal nail files but never myself had tried them out before today. Boy, I was really missing out!  These nails files work great if you have weak nails or if you are looking to keep them growing stronger and healthier.

The nail file that I tried out is from the company Classy Nail Files.  I was sent a the Cross w/Crystal Hand Painted File in the medium size 5 1/2.  The fact that this file is cute only adds to the fact that it’s super useful as well. Did you know that regular use of glass nail file reduces chipping, peeling and splitting of nails? I didn’t know that!    I clipped both my daughter and my own nails and then went at them with this file. No rough edges and no hard work! I’m kissing all my emery boards goodbye, even the ones for my daughter.

So, Classy Nail Files is all round a better choice! If you aren’t sold yet, let me tell you some more great facts!

The Facts:

  • They have a variety of sizes in, Small – 3 1/2″, Medium 5 1/2″, and Large 7″.
  • The filing surface is etched into the crystal and is guaranteed to never wear out.
  • They are GREEN and since they are washable,  they won’t fill up landfills!
  • They are not made in China.

I highly, highly recommend these nail files. I believe the lasting quality  justifies the slightly higher price of crystal nail files, over emery boards.

Buy It: these board range from $8.00 to $26.00 for a set of three in various sizes.

** Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m able to let you know about this product.

Sun Grubbies Brim Hat Review

My daughter's face fully protected by the sun in her Pink Brim Sunhat!

Though my daughter was born during the summer last year and was used to wearing sun hats, this year has been a different story. She hasn’t been too fond of anything being worn on her head.  I know the best thing to do is get into a set pattern. If mommy wears a hat maybe she’ll get the idea that she should wear one too! But until my daughter will grasp this idea, I’m going to stick with keeping her safe and only putting on hats that may be harder for her to remove herself!

So my search for hat that would be per say hard for my daughter to take off was set into motion. Bucket hats wouldn’t work, nor would hats with velcro ties! My search ended when I found a Pink Brim Hat from a company called Sun Grubbies.

My thoughts:

This Pink Brim Hat is perfect in every way with it’s  50+ UPF/98% UV Block! It is lightweight, water resistant and has a 3″ brim which provides plenty of sunblock to protect my daughters face from the harsh rays of the sun! Oh, and my favorite feature about this hat is the adjustable chin strap! My daughter attempted to take off this hat and eventually gave up seeing with it’s strap it was impossible. She now happily wears this hat and stays protected during the summer. No more worries for this mom! Another note, if you are interested, this hats runs from sizes birth to 4t!

Buy it: Sun Grubbies also has a great selection of sun protective clothing, of cotton or nylon, with SPF 30+ for men, women and kids of all ages.