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Waiting on Baby


Yesterday was my 38 week prenatal check up .  According to my Doctor, I’m measuring at 39 weeks and things are progressing quickly. I’m 3.5cm dilated already and pretty much on labor alert! I’ve been feeling very off all week. The BH contractions have been all over the place and getting comfortable at all is proving quite difficult. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with other tasks without overdoing it. But lately with the already lack of sleep and low iron, it’s hard to even make complete thoughts and sentences! She also is so low that it feels like she’s going to drop completely out when I walk around.

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Third Trimester Update



Life has been a bit draining lately, I won’t deny it! I’m on the home stretch of my pregnancy now and instead of moving quickly it’s slow down drastically.  A couple of weeks ago I failed my 1 hour non-fasting glucose test. Since I failed, I had to go back in to take a three hour test. This test was not fun. I had to stay at the lab for three hours after fasting to get my blood drawn 4 times from 9pm the night before and wasn’t allowed to leave till around 12:30pm. Thankfully my mother in law was available to watch the kids and my husband could get time off to go with me! The results came back that I do not have gestational diabetes! Praise the Lord. As, trying as this pregnancy has been energy wise and my body not absorbing vitamins and iron (anemia) well, I really didn’t want something else to try to adjust before baby arrives!  Continue reading

Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Ultra Light Down Jacket {Review} #mamaway


I had been looking for a jacket/coat that I wouldn’t have to give up wearing after I’ve had my baby and the search has been tedious! I got suggestions from friends and family to buy a size larger of what I would normally wear to accommodate my bump but in being petite in size those option left me swimming in a too heavy, too long, largely frumpy coat. So what’s a girl to do? Break down and get a maternity coat that I’d likely only wear for 3-4 months? I just didn’t feel the investment was a friend to my budget. I am sure most would agree that in buying a good quality coat that the quantity of use should last for a good amount of time not merely a few months.  Continue reading