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And, Just Like That, Summer Fell Into Fall…

 The weight of the last couple of weeks of Summer was heavy with the fires, air quality and the unknowns from one day from the next. It would have been so easy to take our eyes away from the the sustainer of our lives. Panic could have been amiss and fear and worry rampant.

What do you do when something like this happens? You stay calm and prepare what is needed depending on the situation. You check on those near and dear. You reach out and offer LOVE to those you can.

Through this all, I am thankful that I know God and that He holds all unknowns in His hands even when we can’t make sense of it. He gives strength for today and hope for tomorrow and works it out for the good of the Kingdom.

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Bountiful Blooms & Lavish End Of The Summer Season Harvest

It is day 77 of having our community garden and it has truly surprised us. We feared that because we started so late in the growing season we would get little by this point in time. Though the soil wasn’t deeply tilled, fertilized and treated with layers of compost and many other nutrition it would fall flat, however it has grown well enough that we are enjoying its benefits daily!

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