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Unexpected Move

I know I haven’t updated in a while as life all of a sudden shifted. The first week of August we received a termination of the lease on the place we were living at for almost five years time. We weren’t in a spot to up and buy a house and the time to move out didn’t lend us to do so either. Through a lot of searching, seeking the Lord’s will, and letting go, we ended up in an apartment. It isn’t where I personally would have liked to end up in but it was the best choice for our family for now.  Continue reading

Blueberry U-pick 2018

Our Family tradition of picking berries happened this week. Click to see my u-pick post from 2017.

We were blessed with the cooler weather which was welcome after the upper 90s-100 degree temperatures we’ve been having as of late. We almost didn’t make it because my oldest had been fighting a viral stomach thing that had her not feeling well for three days straight. She’s still getting back into the swing of things and we are praying for a full speedy recovery right now.  Continue reading