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 Pure Flix Original Movie: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters arriving on August 1st!

Children grow up in a blink of an eye, After we are comfortable in one stage, another begins, We often aren’t ready for such big changes and can struggle in learning how to let go and grow! Whether reaping from our own upbringing or looking to other sources, guidance in this area can sometimes be difficult to find, especially for Fathers.

On one of our recent family movie nights, my husband, children, and I sat down to watch Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, A movie inspired by Dr. Meg Meeker’s best-selling book of the same name. This film communicates the importance a father can have on his daughters’ life in a truly profound way when he trust’s God with their future and puts his own intentions aside.

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LIVE+LOCAL – My Thoughts on Episode 3 and a Giveaway for a 3-Month Subscription to Pureflix!

Recently, I was introduced to a brand new comedy sitcom on Pureflix called Live+Local. This 6 episode series started to air this month of July. The show stars a number of actors and actresses such as Dave Coulier known for Full House and Emily Pendergast who has been in a number of shows and movies.

The premises revolves around the workings and the behind-the-scenes of a local early morning Christiexcitingation called KHUGG. We get an interesting view into the ups, downs, and in-betweens the veteran host, his co-host, and the brand new program director take in getting the radio show out into the world.

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 God’s Great Embrace {Book Review + Giveaway!}

In Christ is a well-used phrase used by Christians both new and well seasoned. We hear this phrase all the time and even use it when sending a letter or email to fellow believers before signing our name. We likely never stop and ponder what it means on a more intimate and personal level as we should.

Adrian Best’s recently published book God’s Great Embrace does a good job of answering the question of what it really means to be ” In Christ”. This book will do more than just scratch the surface but lead readers into a deeper more fulfilling relationship full of God’s love and grace.

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