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Educents: Preschool Rocks Bundle {Our Experience with the “I Can Read the Alphabet” PDF that’s included!!}


This week my son Owen has been enjoying  our homeschool time quite a bit with the work and activity sheets from  I Can Read the Alphabet by Crayons and Curls. This fantastic packet is just one of nineteen in a Preschool Curriculum digital download Bundle that can be found for a bargain of a deal  right now at!

This packet has been such a great hit with my son! He’s totally learning so much and I’m loving the whole hands-on approach! What’s included is a mini-book for the letters of the alphabet, 12 worksheets to use as review or assessment, (6 Capital and 6 lowercase worksheets), flashcards to use as review, assessment or as a game and play dough mats.
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Number Construction by Learning Resources {Review & Giveaway!}


The Number Construction set by Learning Resources makes number know how a blast! My children age 5 and 3 have always learned brand new concepts quite well with a hands-on approach. Sets like this one are usually a must have in our home and I am sure a must for any classroom!

My son age 3 and well into learning many preschool concepts has benefited quite a bit from the Number Construction set. There were no issues snapping the pieces together or detaching them once I separated them from each stack. I let my son have his own way with the pieces and he happily all on his own started building numbers. He also learned he could make more than just that! He was making swords, alphabetic letters, and more. I say a product like this is great for imaginative play and developing those fine motor skills as well as the
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Pantone: Color Puzzles {Book Review}


Patone: Color Puzzles is an engaging book that is quite eye appealing. Children will learn all about primary colors and that they can come in a variety of shades. What really makes this book stand out are the playful, innovative, and simply irresistible illustrations. The hands-on appeal that this book is also a puzzle makes it much more desirable.

My preschool aged son adores this book. He’s a puzzle lover already so that makes this book that much more fun for him. He already knows his colors but I’m using it to show him that often the main colors can differ in shades that can be darker or lighter.

The colors found in this title are Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. Each color takes up a full two page spread. On the left side of the spread, there is a one color illustration featuring many shades with lift-able puzzle pieces. Those puzzle pieces then can be matched and placed into the allotted patterned slots on the opposite page. The shades for example can vary from Tomato Red to Blueberry Blue. Each shade within the 4 section grid on the left also features the Patone number in where it can be found.  Continue reading