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Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game {Review + Giveaway}


February 19-25 is National Pancake Week! I don’t know about your family but mine will be not only enjoying eating pancakes but playing with them too. Play with your food? Yes, that’s right! But there will be no sticky messes. We’ll be taking full advantage by playing the Pancake Pile-Up!™ Relay Game which is one of the newest products offered by Educational Insights! Continue reading

Shells! Shells! Shells! {Book Review}

Author Nancy Elizabeth Wallace makes learning about many different types of shells for children fun, engaging, and quite appealing to those that enjoy the hands-on approach. The craft at the end of the book to make a “I Shell Return” bookmark was a wonderful idea that both my children enjoyed! My kids tend to recall information better if it’s wrapped into a game or craft so I praise the book for a easy to create hands-on craft suggestion! Continue reading

Educents: Preschool Rocks Bundle {Our Experience with the “I Can Read the Alphabet” PDF that’s included!!}


This week my son Owen has been enjoying  our homeschool time quite a bit with the work and activity sheets from  I Can Read the Alphabet by Crayons and Curls. This fantastic packet is just one of nineteen in a Preschool Curriculum digital download Bundle that can be found for a bargain of a deal  right now at!

This packet has been such a great hit with my son! He’s totally learning so much and I’m loving the whole hands-on approach! What’s included is a mini-book for the letters of the alphabet, 12 worksheets to use as review or assessment, (6 Capital and 6 lowercase worksheets), flashcards to use as review, assessment or as a game and play dough mats.
Retail price of $5 and 57 pages are included. Continue reading