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Finished Friday: Hand-Painted Garden Plant Markers!

This weekend I brought out the painting supplies and decided to make hand-painted plant markers for our garden. I am really pleased with these. They are not only satisfying to create but it adds a personal touch to our families garden that also show cases our love for painting rocks together!

I am planning to make more to mark the rest of our growing herbs, flowers and vegetables soon!

Do you have a garden? If so, how have you added a personal touch?

Gardening: Come Rain or Shine Weekend Progress!

It was a busy weekend in the garden. We know we are a little late into the season so we are working hard now to get the area ready for planting (i.e cleared of grass, weeds, old tarps, etc…). We went on Saturday hoping for a break in the rain and there was a very SHORT break. We did all we could before we all were soaked and it was just too muddy to continue.

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