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My Mom’s Zazzle Gallery

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Now I’ll take time out of my busy schedule and brag on my Mom’s photography skills 🙂 The picture card above was taken of my youngest sister by my Mom. My Mom has great knack for taking great photos, as you can see. She has recently created her own store on Zazzle store to share her talent with others. Not only does she offer her photography but also her computer graphic skills. You can find great Christian, home school, and nature designs to gift to others or yourself! To visit her gallery, just click on the card above!


A Reminder



Don’t forget that tomorrow is “National Pancake Day” meaning, IHOP will be giving away a plate of free pancakes to every customer, only asking that you would donate to the Children’s Miracle Network. My husband and I will be out supporting the good cause and enjoying the scrumptious morsels as we’ll be out once again trying to make it to the OHP office before they close… unfortunately today we made it there only seconds too late but we found a grocery store that sold grits and sprouts ( I’ve been on the hunt for those for awhile!) .

My second payment was received today for my t-shirt designs and I received my debit card through the mail too… yay….

I signed up today for pay per post. I’ll probably prefer to write on topics that refer to women, children, art, etc… I think it’ll be fun and hey it’s another way to help contribute and expand myself.

Now I’m tired and going to bed…. LOL… I’ve been finding myself a bit more fatigued lately… must be the third trimester of pregnancy slowly sneaking it’s way in!

HIP HIP Horray, another TBA

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Since Valentines is going to be here this week, I am back to my adorable little animals! I created the little hippo to add to my jungle/safari collection and it won a Today’s Best at Zazzle! ^__^

Psst… over the weekend I met up with a friend on mine that I met online back in 1997.. it was a great visit… we’ll hopefully be able to get one more in before she moves very soon to NC.  She’s  a good friend and a wonderful homeschool mommy of 3 and another one on the way in April!