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Not an Imaginary Rhino!

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Anyone who’s been following my blog entries knows that I’ve been creating cute little jungle/safari animals and this Rhino is my latest creation. Isn’t he cute? There’s a story behind him. Being the second oldest of three younger sisters ranging from 15 to 2 1/2 years old. It’s not a surprise that I love drawing designs for kids. This little Rhino was inspired by a song written by Justin Roberts, a popular children’s singer. The song was called Imaginary Rhino! It’s fun song about a child with an imaginary rhino. I first saw Justin Roberts on Noggin singing a song about a Whale named Willy!


My Mom’s Zazzle Gallery

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Now I’ll take time out of my busy schedule and brag on my Mom’s photography skills 🙂 The picture card above was taken of my youngest sister by my Mom. My Mom has great knack for taking great photos, as you can see. She has recently created her own store on Zazzle store to share her talent with others. Not only does she offer her photography but also her computer graphic skills. You can find great Christian, home school, and nature designs to gift to others or yourself! To visit her gallery, just click on the card above!