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Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday! Isn’t is awesome, He shares the same birthday with George Washington? In honor of my Dad’s birthday and Justin’s and I’s going out once a month type date thing. LOL… We went to Fudruckers. It was my first time every going to one. Justin had been many times before with his Dad and I think with his Mom and her friend once. The burgers were really yummy. I got 1/3lb burger and surprisingly being pregnant and all, I couldn’t finish it! Well, today my husband and I have a chicken rap video to work on for PPP…. must get to brainstorming on that now! ^^

One Hot Chick!

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This little chickie¬† has not only won a Today’s Best Award from Zazzle but half a dozen products featuring this adorable design are on their way to Bejing China! Yay, for spring time, yay for easter, and yay for cuteness. I hope whomever has purchased these products helps to keep the chick from coming down with that ever so deadly bird flu.¬† I know I’d hate to see my little chick all distraught and sick! Chicken heals ( chicken noodle soup) and shouldn’t kill! Wow, I’m in a weird mood tonight. Maybe it was the fried chicken and the orange soda combo I had for supper…lol