Author: Erin

A Week of Work


I would say both me and Melody are growing by leaps and bounds!
I am 29 weeks pregnant in the picture above with only 10 weeks to go!

I’ve been keeping busy all week working for and today I am also
still working on designs for them as I continue to poke and prod at ideas for affiliate banners.
Sometimes it can be challenge to figure out what my customer wants but in the long
run it usually works out rather nicely.   I actually I am quite happy with the last concept art I sent them.
Meaning I can’t wait to display the banner on my site 🙂  We shall see which ones they end up liking. I also decided that animation is possibly out of the picture since that would be harder for them to tinker with if they didn’t have their own animation program.

Yesterday, my husband and I got a few containers to store things in to help with the move. It’ll be good to put my cross-stitching and beading stuff away before the baby comes. I would hate for her to get a hold of a needle or swallow some beads! Eek! As for the move, we have to make an appointment with the head manager at the apartment sometime soon to go through all the paperwork but pretty much everything should be set.

Big changes….


About to have a discussion with my husband about moving before the baby comes … Let’s see what happens. I know it’s perfectly doable and I can have internet turned back on without having the extra activation fee by picking up a self install kit. How would I know that? … I called and asked. There’s an apartment here 2 bedroom 2 bath still available for next month and I want to get into it. So pray for this discussion/decision . It about 100 more a month on rent… no biggie and plus we get about 300+ more square feet than we do right now…

My plans…

What’s up with me and me designs right now? Right now, I am working on as many animal designs that  I can before my baby girl gets here.  I’m almost done with most of my safari jungle animals! Then I plan on finishing the farm yard animals, then aquatic and by Summer time, I plan on working on a set of cute little insects.  We shall see what lies ahead and I am only taking it one day at a time of which is the smart thing to do.

My husband and I may be moving by this Summer so we’ll see how far ahead or behind that I get!


I was sleepless but not in Seattle, Washington… I’m shy several hundreds of miles from there.  I am just about 29 weeks pregnant and the discomfort and lack of sleep of which I was told about has suddenly hit me like a wild cougar out of nowhere!  Saturday I could not sleep but maybe 2-3 hours and then that afternoon I tried to take a nap because I really needed one and I could not fall asleep… I was tired but restless. I skipped Bible study last night so I could try to get some sleep even. My husband bought me some unisom which the Doctor recommended if I was having trouble sleeping and it actually worked. Now, I don’t want to use it all the time and become some sort of addict but I really needed it yesterday ( a.k.a I don’t like taking drugs while being pregnant) . I feel so much better today… it was good to sleep all through the night.