Free Crochet Pattern: Autumn Puff Slouchy Beanie

Inspired by the beautiful crimson maple leaves that Autumn brings, I was inspired to create this beautiful Puff Stitch Slouchy crochet beanie-style hat. I designed it so it can be made as short or as long as you like without a lot of stitch variation.

The hat is slightly warm and 100% breathable. I like wearing it on crisp drier Autumn days but it also would work well with slightly damp wet weather and lightly snowy weather too. You can use the yarn I suggest or something else as long as you stick to a worsted weight. Enjoy!

Autumn Puff Slouchy Beanie
Hook Size:
Yarn: Yarn Bee Soft Secret (Colorway: Chili Red) or another worsted yarn like Caron Simply Soft.
Size: Small/Medium

Brim: Chain 10

Start with BLO Single crochet in the second stitch from the hook. Continue down the row, chain 1, Turn. Do this for 65 rows total.

Single crochet the two edges together. CH1

Make 65 single crochet stitches around. Slip to the First stitch made on this round and ch2.


Round 1:*Puff stitch (7 stitches on the hook and pull through), ch1, skip 1* repeat. There will be no slipping or chaining at the end of the round. 

Round 2: Puff in every space between the previous puffs. Continue this for X rounds or until you reach the desired length. I usually aim for the hat to be a total of 11 inches before casting it off.

You will repeat these two rows until the body length reaches 11 inches.

Cast Off: Cut a Long tail and weave through every upper gap/hole, pull tight, and weave in ends till secure.

*** If you’d like a printable PDF version of this pattern, it can be purchased from my Etsy Shop Wind Feather Knits. ***

© Erin Lowmaster 2022. All rights reserved. The pattern itself is not to be resold or reproduced but making items from this pattern to sell is fine.