Spurgeon And The Psalms {Review}

Spurgeon & the Psalms is a simplistic straightforward Psalter featuring insightful excerpts from The Treasury of David.

This is an attractive offering. The outer cover features imitation leather and gold embossing. The pages are gilded in a gold color which gives off a lovely shine. Both the front and back pages feature inspiring imagery of mountain tops reaching into the open cloud-filled sky. A blue satin ribbon is there to help keep your place as you are navigating.

I appreciate a presentation page is included giving one the option to present this as a memorable gift for someone they are close to.

It has a sewn binding which helps to keep it flat when open. I like the flexibility and how pleasant it feels to hold onto.

Each chapter (150 in total) opens with a devotion by Spurgeon, the Psalm itself and it ends with footnotes. The 9.5 medium print is clear and you can only lightly see it through the page to the other side.

The pages turn well and are not so thin that I would be worried about them easily ripping, tearing, or wearing out so quickly. I feel it is important to mention that the thinness of the page won’t take well to ink pens that flow a bit heavier.

I’m a fan of this devotional and the features it has. I for one am not big on things being too busy so I found this just right. The sizing is favorable and the insights from Spurgeon personally give a deeper look with engaging insight into the Psalms.

If you are interested in purchasing, you can find Spurgeon And The Psalms on Amazon and other distributors for roughly $15.99 for a physical copy and $9.99 for a digital one.

About the Maclaren Series: Named for noted Victorian-era preacher Alexander Maclaren, this series of elegant Bibles feature regal blue highlights and verse numbers, and clear, line-matched text.

. It has an attractive leather cover, with pretty interior cover pages (picture of mountains). The book has a silky blue bookmark in the middle, like some Bibles do. Also similar to a Bible, the pages are hair-thin and wispy. There are some pages in the back for notes, but it doesn’t seem practical to write on such thin paper. Each Psalm starts on a new page, with a short synopsis by Spurgeon. I was expecting something “meatier” and with more than one paragraph per Psalm, but it’s a nice intro to the chapter. The book also contains a preface by Spurgeon and a short informational introduction. The verses are written in NKJV.