LIVE+LOCAL – My Thoughts on Episode 3 and a Giveaway for a 3-Month Subscription to Pureflix!

Recently, I was introduced to a brand new comedy sitcom on Pureflix called Live+Local. This 6 episode series started to air this month of July. The show stars a number of actors and actresses such as Dave Coulier known for Full House and Emily Pendergast who has been in a number of shows and movies.

The premises revolves around the workings and the behind-the-scenes of a local early morning Christiexcitingation called KHUGG. We get an interesting view into the ups, downs, and in-betweens the veteran host, his co-host, and the brand new program director take in getting the radio show out into the world.

I will be sharing my thoughts on the third episode so this is my spoiler warning! First, I will state it is best to watch the following episodes instead of watching them out of order as a stand-alone. Watching the previous episodes will give you a good feel for the characters, their development, the radio station, and the situations and happenings in the storyline leading up to what is going on currently in this specific episode and future ones!

-My Rundown on Episode 3-

With only small ripples in the previous two episodes, episode three begins to rock the boat a bit more with changes to the station. It starts with a newly presented slogan and image for KHUGG which reads and said “Totally Inoffensive,” and “Uplifting Positivity.” I found this interesting as so many Christians these days are scared we are going to step on the toes of others. You can still love one another but not have to sacrifice morals and God-received commandments. It is duly noted that even Jesus wasn’t the most popular among everyone in doing a bit of rocking the boat himself.

While noticeable friction before, the dynamic between the two hosts starts to change up a bit more. Their boss is concerned with low ratings and losing money from dropped advertisers. That said, Tina ends up getting more sponsors with her new radio spot “Judge Knott” and Tommy feels a little side-lined during the morning show as they have two conflicting sponsors ( family feud) and have to choose between which one to keep.

The other new sponsors are far less personal and from the local community but instead from other places. The advertisers are questionable and sound a lot like schemes. Time will tell how those ads will change things for the station. The ads have gone from a few to many with less talking time.

Tina is continuing to embrace the social media side of things where it is not really in Tommy’s character to want to change his ways. That said, he warms just a little bit when they do a live stream of the station wanting to show off his collection of robots.

In ending. the boss shifts praise and attention to Tina, and starts to paint the picture of her being the real star of the morning show instead of Tommy who is noticeably the current lead. Drama builds!

I like how each episode features a guest, sometimes a musician, and other times an author. This time the special guest was Christian singer Colton Dixon ( ). He talks about his twin daughters and how when born one of their hearts was not beating at all and a true miracle from the Lord happened. Side note, I like that they always ask each guest what brings them joy in life at the end of the segment.

Overall, this episode left me with questions about what Tina will do about her boss Jerry creating a divide between her and Tommy, the listenership of the station after all those sketchy ads and the sheer rising number of them, the push toward social media, and the dropping ratings!

I feel the show though it is amusing and completely quirky, does a really good job demonstrating grace and love throughout changing times and situations encountered. I appreciate the good music, scripture, and interesting storyline. There is much to be reaped from this family-friendly sitcom series.

The show time is about 30-40minutes long. One episode is currently released weekly on Pureflix on Thursdays through July and ends on August 4th, 2022. I encourage everyone to see this show, especially if you enjoy morning Christian radio or are just looking for something a little different.

Interested in Seeing the Show? You can Watch Live+Local Series 2022 Online at! Aside from this show, there are many more great shows and movies for the whole family on Pureflix to enjoy as well.


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