God’s Great Embrace {Book Review + Giveaway!}

In Christ is a well-used phrase used by Christians both new and well seasoned. We hear this phrase all the time and even use it when sending a letter or email to fellow believers before signing our name. We likely never stop and ponder what it means on a more intimate and personal level as we should.

Adrian Best’s recently published book God’s Great Embrace does a good job of answering the question of what it really means to be ” In Christ”. This book will do more than just scratch the surface but lead readers into a deeper more fulfilling relationship full of God’s love and grace.

Firstmost, I like that the keywords associated with having union with Christ-like such as sanctification, justification, and sonship are defined. As a new or even slightly seasoned Christian, I can easily see how such terms can be foreign. We all do not just become Christians and immediately have church/Christian speak.

Throughout the book, the author brings certain Biblical stories and scenes to light in his own way to get a point across. That said, we only can imagine how it must have been for those we learn about in the Bible. I’d like to think the author got it pretty close such as when speaking of the disciple John on his experience with Jesus in several different scenarios.

Plenty of quotes are included from great Christian authors and leaders such as John Piper, Martin Luther, John Scott, and many more. I appreciate how deeply saturated the book is in scripture. Note that if not including just where to find the verse in the Bible most verses are used in the MSG version of the Word.

There are 20 chapters total, no one being more than 5 or so pages. The back of the book features a “Questions for Reflection and Discussion” section. This section has about 3-5 questions total for each chapter to journal, discuss, and share your thoughts on if using in a group setting.

There is an index of Subjects and Names as well as a Scripture Index. I appreciate how detailed and thorough the author was with this book in making it easy to understand and use as a study guide on the topic.

You could read this book in a short manner of time but I feel you will get the most out of it by taking it chapter by chapter, responding to the questions found in the back of the book, and seeking God in prayer on the truths being revealed.

I feel this book will fill one with encouragement, knowledge, and a better understanding of who God is as well as his will for their life. I recommend picking up a copy to read alone or in a group setting!

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