The GO MVMT Free Action Kit { A Free Resource in helping one Share the Gospel }

If you are a Christian there’s no doubt you’ve heard it and also read it yourself in the Bible ( “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation – Mark 16:5) that we are called as Children of God to share the gospel of Christ. I understand completely that it can be pretty scary. Sometimes you don’t exactly know how you should go about it or where you would even start in doing so.

This week I was introduced to the Action Kit from GOMVMT. They created a pretty amazing digital resource that anyone can acquire for free. The ultimate goal of this kit is meant to boost the confidence of believers in sharing God’s remarkable Love, Grace, and Forgiveness with everyone while bringing more believers into the Kingdom!

The kit is six pages long and, while that sounds like a lot, know it’s not much at all. It features large text and graphics. The kit walks you through the care challenge and offers practical tips for sharing the gospel via public evangelism.

There are three specific sections in the kit which are as follows; prayer, care, and share. The prayer section encourages you first to Go to God in prayer and ask Him for five people to pray for. There are topical prayers and Bible verses to read and apply as you pray for whoever God laid on your heart. There is a Pray for Five Card to print out and keep on hand to serve as a reminder to pray.

I personally like that there is a section on how to share the gospel online on your social media accounts and other digital platforms as it can be a very powerful aid in reaching many more people.

The other areas in the kit have practical and simple things to do in giving one the tools needed to achieve the desired goal at hand. You can print this out to always have on hand and also save it to your computer. From your PC, you can click on the links listed for more resources and helpful information.

Note that May is currently the catalyst in reaching just one person from those all over the world. It is encouraged that if you are more comfortable in sharing your faith perhaps aim for reaching one person a day instead of one for the entire month.

If interested in downloading this kit for yourself and in sharing it with others you know you can do so by clicking here.