KidsFaith Krate Subscription Box {Review}

There’s no doubt that days are busy and even more so as the Summer season comes rolling around the corner. Sometimes, focusing on family faith can be pushed to the back burner with all the hustle and bustle. That said, something like the Kids Faith Krate can help!

is a monthly faith-based subscription box geared toward both boys and girls ages 4-10 years old. It has been designed as a hands-on tool to help families grow their faith not just on one day a month but for all four weeks out of each month.

My family received the box for June early and are fans the theme is all about being compassionate toward others. Each week there is a different key to learn and craft to create while focussing on this very important command. It is encouraged to discuss what this means and how we can show it during craft time.

How each week starts is with the key, scripture to read ( you will need to have your own a Bible on hand to read it), taking together ( while you create), keep the conversation going (throughout the week), remember together ( monthly scripture verse memorize), handle with prayer ( a prayer to pray with your child(ren), and a step-by-step craft activity to make.

I appreciate as a parent at the start of the weekly guide, there’s a note to grown-ups on how to use the Krate and what will be focused on for the month. I think it’s neat there’s a stamp to collect and use each month if your child memorizes the stated scripture.

Most of all the materials needed are included but do note one of the activities to go along with one of the crafts is to bake a loaf of bread, another is to make a blanket which included 4 squares to tie together but it is suggested that you could make a bigger one with your own supplies at home of which we didn’t have. So know you should look over what is needed just in case for each project.

Items were loose in the box and not together for each project so I would suggest going through the box first and checking to make sure things are together when you are ready to delve into that specific week. I do like the fact there’s just enough material for one craft and that I won’t have extra sitting about the house not getting used up.

Overall, I think this is a neat monthly subscription box to help families dive deeper with their kids into understanding who they are in God and who He is as our loving savior. I think this would even be fun for grandparents to do with their grandkids!

Interested? Get the Kids Faith Krate here starting at $28.99 a month up to $43.99 depending on if you chose a 1 child plan or 3 additional children. These are shipped on the 28th of each month.

Use the code “campinabox”, and you’ll get $10 off your first box!