Hope in 60 Seconds: Encountering the God of the Impossible {Book Review}

Life is hard, period. Situations and moments of total hopelessness can be similar for some and may be completely different for others. Though whatever the circumstance for anyone and everyone, one truth stands. The truth I speak of is that we all ultimately need the love and salvation that only Christ Jesus can offer.

Cristina Baker, author of Hope in 60 Seconds knows what it is to be hopeless. She had a trying childhood, troubled teenage years, an addiction to drugs, and found herself at her wits end. It wasn’t till she was about to go to jail when she miracously came to know Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

Cristina shares her heart and I feel the book will have a huge impact on those with similar backgrounds. Within if willing there is hope, encouragement, strength, and direction in seeking God’s will to be found.

The book is an easy ready in sense its not too wordy. It feel personal like someone telling you their story just sitting across the table from you. In the book you will find personal testimony (10 personal stories total), Biblical teachings (a deeper reflection and personal perspective of Biblically known stories) , and 20 short prayers to pray.

The hardcover version of the book is nice andhas a ribbon bookmark attached to keep your place when done reading. The book would be a thoughtful choice for someone you know that is seeking answers (if not for yourself) in a world that seems hopeless. I feel that reading this book can give others a greater understanding and perspective toward someone in a similar situation as well.

I recommend picking up a copy of Hope in 60 Seconds. Both physical and digital copies are available. While you are at it, you may want to check out the author on her social media channels on Tik Tok, Facebook, and IG too.

Cristina Baker is a content creator for Jesus.  With over 828,000 followers on Tik Tok and over 42,000 followers on IG she has been following her calling to preach the gospel in social media sizes tidbits to the unreached on the internet.  And now she has written a book!