Get a Free Copy of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotionals for Kids to Adults!

Are you looking for a monthly devotional for yourself or your kids? If so, I encourage you to check out Rhapsody of Realities. These devotions are designed to bring readers closer to the Lord and grow one’s faith in God ultimately reminding us of his eternal love and sacrifice.

There are four devotionals available for Adults, Teenagers, Early Readers, and Young Kids. You check one or all four out for totally free by requesting either a digital PDF copy or a physical one! If you are a fan, you can then subscribe for a desired amount of time such as 3, 6, or 12 months. Note they will mail it out right before the month they are for.

I got to check out a physical copy of each of the devotionals and I feel these are well put together. They aren’t too big and are lightweight. The sizing makes these easy to hand out and bring along if you plan to use these for that purpose.

Each devotion differs for the age group it is for so I’ll break them down below. Note I received the copies for the month of May 2022.

Rhapsody Realities for Kids(Ages 1-5 )

This devotion is more of a storybook/comic. The first page has where a child can write their name and age. Following is the Bible story which this month is of Moses and the Plagues of Egypt. There are children’s characters discussion, the Bible story, and some activities (coloring, counting, maze, etc…) throughout.

There are certain words within the story that are highlighted. You can find these words again in the back of the devotion glossary with meanings.

I like there is scripture to memorize in the devotional as well as a prayer of salvation. The illustrations were done well and are sure to keep kids interested.

Rhapsody Realities for Early Readers (Ages 6-12 )

This devotion features one day per page and is less like a storybook but more so the layout that is common for a devotional.The first page has where a child can write their name and age.

Each devotional features a title, scripture verse (translation varies), devotion (only a few paragraphs long), scripture reading, and application ( prayer, a truth to proclaim aloud),

There are Bible Facts, word games, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, tidbits (what you need to know about prayer for the month of May, part 4), answers to the activities, and the salvation prayer.

I like there is scripture throughout and age-appropriate activities. The devotionals aren’t too wordy and the message is easy to apply. The illustrations are welcome to kids who still like books with pictures. I didn’t feel the words were too hard for an early reader.

Rhapsody Realities TeeVo (Ages 13 and up)

This devotion features a two-page per-day format. Each devotional features a title, scripture verse (translation varies), “Let’s Talk” devotion and a Go Deeper section. In this section, there is a prayer to pray. daily Bible reading ( one year or two), Act (application for the reading), and a small area for notes.

Aside from the devotions, there are activities such as a crossword, word scope ( greek words and meanings ), i-testify ( testimony from a teen), quiz, the prayer of salvation, answers to the activities in the devotional, and a few lined pages for notes.

I like the devotions are easy for my teen to understand. They aren’t too long and she can take her study further which is fantastic. This gets her in the habit of studying scripture and applying it on a daily basis. It is a great option for furthering this very important habit and commitment to the faith.

Rhapsody Realities for Adults

There is an introduction to this devotion which I appreciate. It tells you how to use it for maximum impact. It suggests that you could split up the reading though not too long into the morning and evening. There’s a place to write your name, email, address, telephone, and goals for the month.

This devotion features a two-page per-day format. Each devotional features a title, scripture verse (translation varies), devotion, prayer, further study (scriptures to look up in your Bible), verses for the daily reading plan ( 1 or 2-year plan), and a link to the website to leave comments on the devotional if you wish.

I like the devotions are relateable and that there is a place in the booklet to record my thoughts. I enjoyed reading the page of testimonies near the back of the devotional too.

Are you Interested?

If wanting to learn more, this site will give you info on all 4 devotionals, Adults, Teenagers, Early Readers, and Young Kids which you can request for FREE.

There is an option to becoming a partner in taking these devotions out into your neighborhoods, cities, states, and the world. Learn more on how to partner with the ministry here: