Finished Friday: The Vacation Kimono Cardigan

I hit one of my knitting and crochet goals for 2022 and that was to make a Spring/Summer cardigan that I could wear through both seasons. I wanted it to be slightly open and breathable so I could wear it on warm days but also have enough coverage to protect from the rays of the sun.

This is my first Summer style cardigan and I’m pretty happy with it. I researched and found a lovely easy to follow and make pattern from the creator Jenny and Teddy. She has a video on Youtube for it as well as a written pattern on her blog. You can purchase the pattern PDF if you prefer no adds from her blog and on Ravelry.

I used 5 whole skeins of Lion Brand 24/7 cotton and part of a 6th in the colorway ecru. As for hooks, I used an I and J to get the size and openness I desired. I strayed away from the pattern a bit and cast on 44 and added three rows of clusters on each side panel to get the size I needed.

With this pattern, I learned how to crochet the linen stitch which is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I already knew how to do the granny cluster as its ones of my favorite and most used crochet stitches.

I’m getting faster and more precise at seaming which is good because its my least favorite part when I make things especially amigurumis. I feel like it takes me longer to sew than to make the parts up!

What have you finished this Spring and what plans do you have to make next (fiber art or otherwise)?