Finished Friday: Bee Hive Kit from Hobby Lobby

The Bee Hive Crochet Kit from Hobby Lobby that my son picked out for me to make this month turned out nicely. Did you know that it recently was national Bee Day on Friday? I was finished with my shawl next week and welcomed a much smaller project such as this one before casting on anything else that would take a while.

I purchased this kit when it was on sale for around $6.00 and felt that the pricing was fair since it came with most of the supplies. The only things needed missing from the kit were a small sewing needle and thread to attach the beaded eyes. It should be noted that you will need this to complete the project but only listed you’d need a pair of scissors.

It is listed as an Advanced skill level. The sizing is 5 by 5 inches and I am glad my gauge and tension hit that perfectly.

Kit Contains:

  • 100% Polyester Yarn ( 5 small balls)
  • 100% Polyester Fiberfill
  • 1 – “E”/3.5mm Plastic Crochet Hook ( flexible plastic)
  • 6 – Plastic Beads (my kit included 4 extra but one was cracked in half and un-useable )
  • 1 – Plastic Needle
  • 1 – Instruction Guide

The yarn was of okay quality. If you needed to fix a mistake and pull back some stitches it is a pain because the small threads of the yarn liked to hold onto each other. This was tedious to pull back on but manageable if careful.

The kit has a lot of sewing, perhaps more than crocheting all these pieces! The bees needed to be attached to the hive but you also had to attach the eyes and wings to each bee. The hole opening for the hive is two parts and both of those also had to be sewn in place as also the hanging loop.

Note I did stray away just a bit on the pattern and made the black stripe in the middle thicker and used a technique to prevent a stripe that was jogless as it gives a much better look. I wanted to point out too that in the instructions there are no step-by-step pictures so you’ll be using your best judgment for placement and so forth by looking at the front of the kit box.

Overall, it is a decent kit and I really like the way it looks when completed. I am a fan there was plenty of yarn to complete the project with some leftover for other small little things I may make. All said and done, I would certainly make this pattern again but with a different yarn.