Springing Forward into the Season with Dramm

The Spring and Summer season is upon us and the gardening season is starting to rev up. That said, my husband and I are just getting started with our 2022 gardening endeavors which are looking a little different this year. With the last two years being drastically different in the amount of time we could commit as well as weather changes we know one thing that won’t change which is our dependence on DRAMM.

DRAMM is a company and brand that produces exceptionally dependable watering tools, accessories, and fertilizers for the garden. We have been using their products since 2017 and am pleased to say those are still going strong! Click here for my previous review on the Rain Wand and other great products they offer.

The Drammatic® Organic Original Fertilizer I opted to use in our garden this season. It is 100% all-natural and my preferred choice for organic gardening. It is a liquid format so it is easy to apply by mixing part of it in water and distributing it from my DRAMM watering can.

The small bottle is easy to handle. It features a twist-top lid and all the need-to-know instructions are printed clearly on the back of the label.

I have seen no ill results in using this product with my current crop of radishes, lettuce, and Walla Walla Onions. I feel like this product gave a really good boost to my crops (herbs, vegetables, and flowers)!

The fertilizer is available in Pint, quarts, and Gallons. A little bit of it goes a long way. It is 100% people and pet friendly. I definitely recommend giving it a try.

The Touch and Flow Rainwand I really like using to water my vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We have a 30×30 community garden bed. Since our garden isn’t directly where we live, the time spent watering it can be consuming. This wand has a full steady flow that doesn’t damage plants nor displace soil.

It is between light and heavyweight and off/on is simple by squeezing the lever/handle. You can sort of control the amount of water flowing out depending on your pressure. I feel it gives a strong and steady yet gentle flow.

It is made well. There are no parts that look like they would wear out anytime soon. I have had no issue with it dripping or not sealing properly. It is easy to attach this to a standard hose and nothing else is needed to start using it with your hose whether standard or coil types. I really like that it comes in so many fun colors.

The Dramm ColorPoint Bypass Pro™ Pruners have been a great aid in clipping shrubs and small and large plants (dinosaur kale!) in our garden and those that have “grown” over into our bed such as rouge raspberries bushes. Though I have none to maintain, I feel these would work great on roses and small branches and limbs.

The pruners are equipped with a blade adjustment gear which allows adjustment for blade gap maintenance. The handles have a rubberized material that makes holding these both with our gloves and without easily without any sort of slippage.

They are quite solidly made and not all that heavy to wield for long periods of time. With much use, I have noticed no corrosion nor dullness to the blade.

These come in lots of pretty colors and would make a nice addition for any sort of low-key garden and yard patience.

I’m overall pleased with all of the products I was able to share about and review. I feel pretty well equipped for the Spring season and beyond. I will continue supporting and recommending this great company. I recommend check out Dramm on Amazon and at your local gardening store.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*