100 Days of Adventure {Book Review}

Adventure is out there and can be found all around us if we know where and how to look for it. That said, a great guide in finding it with a bit of direction can be reaped in Greta Eskridge’s recently released book “100 Days of Adventure”.

This guide book is geared toward ages 6-10-year-olds but that’s not saying those a little younger and even older wouldn’t and couldn’t reap from all activities shared. I have an almost 6-year-old, 11-year-old, and a 13-year-old who all think the hands-on learning activities and suggestions to be found within the pages of this book are pretty awesome.

The activities are broken down by season. The guide starts in Summer and goes on through Fall, Winter, and Spring. You can pick and chose whatever season or activity you wish to without having to go in order. Just know that some of the activities are best suited for specific times of the year, such as creating a snow castle or going on a themed scavenger hunt specific to Winter.

The activity pages are full of beautifully done illustrations and full-color photos. Activities include recipes ( smores, pesto, fudge, dried apples, fruit crumbles…) to make, nature collection suggestions to create, poetry & literature to read and write, neat skills to learn ( how to tie certain knots, building an outdoor fort, hand stitching,…) field trip ideas ( tide pools, art museums, see the nutcracker ballet, backing,…), and lots more.

We are planning to go camping and hiking lots this year so we were pretty interested in the activities that talked about foraging, making nature collections, hiking, and investigating insects just to name a few.

Specific activities have been laid out in a way that tells you what you need and what to do (step-by-step). There will often be tips and further suggestions to expand on the activity. There are two pages in the back of the book where you jot down some of the activities you’ve done if you wish. If you want more space, I’d suggest using this along with a nature journal/notebook for the year(s).

I am a fan of this guide and think it is a great resource for adventures and aiding in the knowledge of science, history, literature, the arts, and geography. I would recommend this hand-on, screen-free, affordable activity guide to families, friends, and groups.

-Interested in Purchasing?-

You can pre-order purchase 100 Days of Adventure on Amazon.com right now in either a digital or physical copy from $9.99-$16.99.