Create Your own Garden Of Eden {Review & Giveaway}

Create Your Garden of Eden: Change Your World in 7 Days Like God Did is an interesting take on the creation story found in the Bible. The main goal is spurring one forward into making goals and plans in their life instead of aimlessly wandering, wondering, and waiting for things to just happen on their own with no clear direction or purpose.

I found it interesting how the author was inspired by the 7 days it took to create the world to present this guide. Within the pages, you’ll look at creating your own sort of world (i.e Garden of Eden) here before reaching our heavenly one. Throughout you will assess, seek clarity, be motivated, plan for now and later, ready yourself for easy and hard seasons, and so forth.

The creation process can and will look different for every single person not just those in the business career field but also in family life and ministry no matter the goal. I feel the author does a good job walking one through and guiding the reader through the process in a not difficult way. I also how the book is full of scripture from the Bible.

The book can be read on a weekend or if you have the time, in a single day. I, after reading through it in one weekend to share my thoughts would encourage one to take time to really think things out and respond accordingly to the questions. It will take time to seek, listen, and respond before moving past each chapter in making a plan.

There are questions in the book in each chapter to answer but there is also a Bible Study Guide and a Yearly Planner to go along with. If you prefer digital, there is an online course with worksheets to help you through the process. I think these additional resources would be a good thing to invest in the long term.

I’m you are asking what is your purpose and God’s plan for your life, you likely will benefit and receive some great guidance in picking up this title. I recommend giving it a read.


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