Dachshund Through The Snow {Review + Giveaway!}

Dachshund Through The Snow by Michelle Medlock Adams and Ana Sebastian is an adorable children’s book that’s great for reading together with a child or multiple children during the Christmas season.

In this tale, we meet an adorable Dachshund named Crosby. He was the tiniest of all his friends but it bothered him and he didn’t like being known for it.

The story teaches children the importance of perservering and how to stand tall and not be moved and shaken even if others pick at us or feel that we are different. I loved that when the opportunity struck Crosby realized how much he had to offer despite being let down or discouraged.

The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching. There’s always something of interest revolving around the imagery on every page. I felt they helped tell and display what was going on in the story very well.

I liked the Christmas twist on the story and it sort of reminded me of very famous reindeer we all know and love. I think anyone with the love for dogs or this breed will enjoy this sweet story. My five year old enjoyed it and my teen that read it to her as well said it was pretty cute.

I recommend checking this book out! We have added it to our stack of to reads during the Holiday season!

If you’d like to learn¬†more about the book or purchase a copy for yourself you can follow this link:¬†https://www.amazon.com/Dachshund-Through-Michelle-Medlock-Adams/dp/1637970064/

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