God With Us: A Journey Home {Review & Giveaway}

God With Us is a beautiful recently released title by Jeremy Pierre and Illustrated by Cassandra Clark. The aim of this title is to help children ( or whoever may be reading) understand Hope, how we can live with Joy despite this world not being our eternal home, and finding God’s presence to be of the greatest reward.

The book is told in the narrative of two angels. The author explains the why and in being careful not to disrupt the Biblical narrative at all. I thought this was an interesting choice and have had no issues with it. Most storybook Bibles or other religious text offerings have also done similar in giving specific narratives for better understanding to the audience at hand.

The illustrations are inspiring and whimsical. The detail is remarkable and eye-catching. The colors are more muted but not dull. I like how the images linger more toward realistic than cartoon-like. I think this art choice is perfect for the age span from 4-12 which this title is recommended.

There are thirty chapters total each being a few pages long. Each starts with a title, the place of the Bible it is inspired from, a scripture verse, and a reading that is just long enough to grasp the attention without being too long or short.

I feel the book does a God job in portraying that this world is not our home but that we can reap joy along with sorrow on our journey here. I think it does a good job of giving the listeners a reason to hope without it all feeling disconnected. I feel it can bless not just the listeners but the readers as well whether used at home or in a church class setting.

I very much have enjoyed sharing this book with my family and recommend it.

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