Vindication Season 2 – My Thoughts on Episode 10 and 6 Month Giveaway to Pureflix!

Vindication which can be found on Pure Flix is a show my family has enjoyed immensely the last few months. Be sure to check out my other post about it here. That said, we just finished up the second season and are looking forward to a third!

I will be sharing my thoughts on the tenth and final episode in this season so this is my spoiler warning not to read any further if you don’t want anything found out before you get through the series yourself if you plan to watch.

In a nutshell, episode 10 is the culmination of events from seasons 1 and 2. Plot points and character development all merge together into a grand stage set up for season 3.

At the start, we see that events are leading up to the choice of the new chief. Detective Travis shares that he has no desire to really follow in that way to his wife. He mentioned feeling like it was what he felt he normally should do, but didn’t feel like it was what he felt called to do; as a Bible verse (Philippians 2:3-4 3Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others) kept coming to mind. So instead of writing a speech to present about himself being the best choice, he instead chose to write why SGT Tomlinson should have the position.

While the vote for chief was unravelling, we see Kris dealing with the loss of her brother by taking justice into her own hands with help from a few friends while on leave. In doing so, she uncovered more than expected about a dirty cop in cahoots with those doing illegal things. She also learned that Kevin was planning to propose to Hannah.

The Chief vote went in a way that was not expected at all which in a turn of events led to Travis reconciling with his mother and letting go of all bitterness and anger he held onto for so long. He shared how he was a changed and redeem man thanks to Jesus and she shared she knew Jesus too. This scene was so impactful.

Meanwhile, Brittany was persuaded into showing up for a “job” that left her in tears which led Anthony to act out of anger and show up to a very dangerous situation with a gun that also involved Kris in which we don’t know exaclty what went down.

This episode left us with questions as itended with a body bag and of whoms body we don’t know! We are eagerly awaiting the next season.


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