Meal Prep: Mason Jar Soups for Fall & Winter

Autumn is finally here and so are the cooler temperatures for the North West where my family and I reside. With that change in season comes enjoying more hearty meals like soups for example.

I’ve been tackling going through and rearranging the pantry for a little while now and was wanting to create a space for make-ahead meals for busy days and even for the not so busy days. I did a little digging on the WWW and was inspired by Food Preppers and Homestead Heavy influencers to pull out the Mason Jars and get to making.

The above picture looks like such a mess but the end results are worth it! Not only did I use up a lot of ingredients, but I also got my kids to help, and my pantry is looking much more organized. The jars with mixes compiled look ever so nice and a word of advice, these make great gifts too ( not just during the holidays!).

I was pretty happy that I was able to use a lot of dried herbs from my garden such as rosemary, sage, thyme, and basil! Nothing beats fresh herbs.

All of the jars photoed in this post are from recipes I’ve found on the internet. If you are interested in any of the recipes I’ve made, you can message me or you can check out and follow my Mixes in Mason Jars Pinterest Board. I will be posting my family’s top five mason jar mix soups in a month or so.

You are not limited to just soups in jars. I have also thrown together pre-made biscuit mixes as well as cornbread. Having one or even a few food items ready to go with just a few add-ins frees up so much time especially if you are making the main dish or side.

After a week without power earlier this year during our ice storm, I really could have used these! They keep well and some of them just add water/broth which I would have had on hand and would have just needed to heat up ( which we could have with our propane tank eye my husband uses for brewing). We lost a lot of food we had in the freezers too whereas these meals would have kept.

Do you make meals or sides ahead of time to store in the pantry? Let me know.