Day: July 14, 2021

4 Tips To Make the Most of Your Bible Class

No matter your age or level of experience studying the Bible, meeting with other people to dissect Scripture can be incredibly edifying. Expressing your ideas aloud and hearing the insight of those around you may deepen your understanding of passages in significant ways. Consider several tips that may help you glean as much transformative wisdom as possible from your upcoming Bible class.

1. Read the Passage Ahead of Time

Many Bible classes Pineville LA provide attendees with a schedule that lays out the anticipated readings for the entirety of the class. Using this calendar, consider reading passages several times before each actual meeting. It’s helpful to obtain your own copy of the Bible or even to print out the passages so you can highlight, underline, and make notes as you see fit.

2. Write Down Key Questions and Observations

As when reading for other types of classes, it’s important for readers to interact with the text. Try using a notebook or the margins of the passages to note any phrases or ideas that were confusing or interesting to you. Doing so helps you extract what Scripture is saying, rather than interpreting verses through some other lens.

3. Share Openly

When you are in class, make sure to bring up your most pressing questions and observations. This way, the entire group can compile ideas and perspectives to reach a stronger understanding of the passages and the Bible as a whole.

4. Think of an Application

Finally, consider what each reading means for your life. Perhaps the text encourages you to change some aspect of your behavior, for instance. In other cases, readers may feel compelled to continue their research about a certain topic. 

Whether you have never opened the Bible before or have been reading it every day for years on end, attending a Bible class has the potential to give you new insight into spiritual matters of all kinds. Be sure to prepare thoroughly and participate fully.