End of Spring Garden Update

We are nearing the ending of the Spring season here in the Northwest. It’s unbelievable to fathom that in less than two weeks we will be 7 months into the year landing at the start of July.

Our garden has taken a few hits this growing season. It was quite hot and then freezing cold. A few of our plants (tomatoes) have taken quite a shock while others have bolted far too soon ( bokchoy, heat-tolerant lettuce, etc). The weeds have been back with a vegence and the little critters have been eating starts and pulling all my peas and bean seeds out!

As I write this, we are looking at the high nineties into the early hundreds for heat this weekend. The weather and heat is abnormal for this time of the year. Sadly many parts of the West are under drought and are praying we don’t see a fire season like we had last year.

The kids have been again enjoying the garden. There are always many interesting animals, insects and plants/weeds to discover. The above picture is a moth my oldest daughter caught.

The lettuce has done fairly well. The loose leaf kind I am liking because it seems like the slugs and other pests aren’t really fans of it. I cut it every few days and it continues to grow continually for weeks.

We have Brussel sprouts growing in a corner and the sunflowers and nasturtiums are proudly growing bigger and bigger. The onions are doing well as are my herbs. The tomatoes are yet to be determined as well as the squash.

I truly enjoyed the radishes while they lasted. I am hoping to collect seeds from them in the a week or so. The Kale is seeding but it seems like the birds are able to get to them faster than myself.

Pineapple Sage

How’s the weather where you are? Are you combating heat or cooler than normal temperatures? Are you under any water conservation advisories or burn bans too?