Topics to Discuss When Selecting a New Church

When you are looking for a new church, you may find the options staggering. Since Brooklyn is called “the borough of churches”, you can expect the search to take some time. If you have your top priorities in mind, you will easily narrow down the list to the churches that best meet your spiritual needs. Here are some topics to discuss with any Christian pastor Brooklyn NY when seeking a place of worship.

Spiritual Language

Speaking in tongues, also known as spiritual language, can be a divisive issue. Many churches believe that the time has come and gone for this gift, and others believe it is still relevant. A pastor should be able to tell you whether the patrons generally believe that spiritual language is essential to the congregation as well as to the individual. While some hold that the gift is only given to some, there is also a camp that believes every Christian should be experiencing it.

The Congregation’s Temperament

Congregations develop unique personalities over time. Often, the pastors and others in leadership determine the atmosphere. If the leaders are encouraging the patrons to be quiet, the people will follow suit. If the music and vocals are loud and robust, this will affect the congregation’s response. Depending on your style of worship, you may be uncomfortable in a church that doesn’t align with what you’re accustomed to.

Stances on the Issues

Pastors feel a calling to preach the gospel as they interpret it. You will clash with some pastors on several issues that you have strong opinions about. Determine where he or she stands on homosexuality, racial injustice, abortion, divorce and any other topic that comes to mind. If you clear the air right away, you will avoid the disappointment of connecting with a church, then parting ways because of disagreements.

The journey to find your church home can be daunting. However, if you keep your eye on what’s important, you will be able to choose a congregation that fulfills your spiritual needs.