Garden Seed Organization Binder

Early this year, I decided to organize all my vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for the 2021 and beyond growing season.

Before, I stored my seeds in clear plastic boxes. The boxes were an okay option but the seed packets ended up getting quite un-organized shifting around all over with the number of people using it and moving it around.

I’d heard of and seen others using the binder approach so I figured I’d give it a try. The worst that could happen was not liking it and having to figure out another way. Well, I must say after giving it a go, I’m not looking back!

To create this system you’ll need a standard size binder or bigger if you have a lot of seeds. Inside I used collector card sheet protectors to home each pack or bag of seeds. I found that you can fold most seed packets in half and slide them right in. I used mini zip top bags for loose seeds (ones I saved from my own garden) I found at the beading section of my local craft store but you could also purchase online.

Aside from the seeds, I have placed a laminated seasonal planting zone printable inside. I also plan on printing out monthly calendar sheets for each growing season to jot down when I plant what things to keep track even greater.

This binder keeps everything very organized. I can quickly turn to the intended sections and the freedom to move things around is breeze. Everything stays nicely inside and when properly moving it around all stays inside. It’s a winner.

Do you garden too? If so, please share how you keep organized.