Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies

My family has enjoyed Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies for years. This quick and easy no-bake treat I learned how to make with my mom when I was a young girl. My kids and I now make these cookies with our own twists. The versatility from trying different melting chocolate and topping with a variety of delicious additions such as peppermint, sea salt, and sprinkles have us making these every Holiday season!


What you will need

  • Wax Paper
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Peanut Butter or Other Nut Spread of Choice
  • Melting Chocolate of any kind ( we used chocolate chips!)
  • Toppings – Broken Up Peppermint Sticks, Sea Salt, Sprinkles (optional)
  • A Double Boiler, Microwave, or Melting Chocolate Pot ( I used my Instant Pot as a double boiler)

To start you will want to spread peanut butter over one Ritz cracker and to finish, add another to the top to make a “sandwich”. This step is very easy and children can help!

Next, you’ll want to melt the chocolate. You can do this with a double boiler, microwave ( follow melting instructions on packaging), or Instant Pot.

I simply put a couple of cups of water in my 8 Instant Pot liner, placed a glass bowl full of chocolate chips atop, and stirred till the chocolate was melted to the desired consistency of my choosing.

Once the chocolate is melted, you’ll then put the peanut butter sandwiched Ritz crackers inside the chocolate. I use a fork to flip the cracker a few times before lifting and placing it atop the wax paper to solidify. If you prefer, you can put the wax paper atop a tray or pan that you can slide into the refrigerator for a faster setting time.

Before the chocolate is dry, I recommend adding your topping now. We added colored sprinkles and broken up candy cane pieces upon our most current batch. You can add nothing or add a touch of sea salt to make these extra tasty!

These are just the right amount of chocolate, cracker, peanut butter goodness! I recommend them to enjoy on your own or among friends and loved ones! They are great with a glass as milk as well as with tea and coffee!