3 Ways To Grow in Your Christian Faith

You started your Christian life through an act of faith in Jesus Christ and spend the rest of your life growing in that faith. Just as a child follows certain steps to become an adult, your spiritual life has a path for your development. Here are three things to do to grow spiritually.

Read Your Bible

If you deprive your body of food for a few days, you will grow weak and maybe become sick. That same principle applies to your spiritual life; not reading the Bible for a few days makes you spiritually weak. Carve out some time each day to read your Bible and learn more about God and how He works in your life. Take time to think about what you are reading and how it applies to your life. 

Attend Church Regularly

Spending time with other Christians is an important part of Christian growth and being active in your church is a great way to get that fellowship. Make it a point to attend your weekly services regularly and get to know other members. Sign up for Bible lessons for an opportunity to study the Bible in a group setting. Look for ways to volunteer, such as singing in the choir, leading a study or Sunday School class, or helping in the nursery.

Pray to God

It is rather mind-blowing that you have direct access to God, but that is exactly what prayer is, conversing with God. The Bible says He is available to you at any time. You are used to praying with others at church, but God wants to hear from you as well. If you feel uncomfortable whenever you try and pray, choose one of the prayers in Psalms to help get you started.

By following these three steps, you will start to notice growth in your Christian faith.