Simple Ways To Bring the Congregation Closer Together

Church is a place where people come together in the name of communion and shared beliefs, so it’s important for everyone to bond and grow closer as a congregation. There are plenty of ways you can encourage everyone to have fun and connect together through church — here are just three of many examples.

Open a Support Group

Everyone faces their own struggles, and people often turn to religion in search of support. Why not add a support group to regular church activities? Alongside some of the best weekday mass Wilmington DE has to offer, people can come together and openly talk about what’s going on in their lives; you can choose to focus the group on specific issues or open up the conversation to any topic. Regardless, it’s a great way to build trust in the community.

Volunteer Together

There is nothing like the gratification that comes from helping your fellow man. Your church can hold drives for food and supplies to be donated, run car washes or bakes sales to raise money for charity or even host a free potluck dinner for anyone to attend. Younger members of the community can volunteer at animal shelters or read to children as a youth group.


No matter what day it is, there is always a cause for celebration. Be sure to bring everyone together for events big and small — from weddings and graduations to birthdays and farewell parties, make an occasion out of life’s special moments together. Celebrations don’t always need to be expensive, either! Sometimes, a cookout or a nice afternoon outside the church is all it takes.

People coming together in trust and love is what spirituality is all about. If you’re still unsure of ways to help the congregation grow closer, ask everyone what kind of activities they would be interested in. If possible, you can open a suggestion box for people to pitch their own community-building ideas.