Hallmark Movies & Mysteries “Follow Your Heart”! Premiering October 4th!

HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES on Sunday, October 4 at 9PM EST/8PM central.

In Follow Your Heart, Kathy, an established travel writer, tells her publicist, EDIE that she is exhausted from all the travelling and is contemplating doing something new, maybe writing ‘poetry’. Later that night Kathy gets a call from her estranged younger sister Miriam, who lives is Amish Country, informing her about the death of their father. Kathy comes home to settle their dad’s affairs and her relationship with her sister. Kathy is reminded of her life before she leaves the Amish community, including her old love, Samuel. Will Kathy returns to her travelling lifestyle or will she stays to go back to her roots?

There’s something about big life changes that can all happen at once, isn’t there? That said, this often will look very different for us all. The biggest changes can occur when things are torn from our control and literally stripped away ( electricity and the busyness of life, in Kathy’s case). This huge movement forces one to take a real hard look at the way life is going and turning out to be and the question begs ” Is this what you really want and is it for the best for not just yourself?”. These notions are explored throughout out this movie.

Not being an expert at the Amish culture, I can’t tell you if the lifestyle is accurately depicted in this film. But what I can say, is that I enjoyed the story. It is full of things like brokenness and understanding but also saturated in forgiveness, love and the importance of community and family.

This one is worth seeing full of lovable characters, beautiful scenery and a great story. It’s family-friendly and runtime is one hour and thirty minutes.


-When and Where to Watch?-

Follow Your Heart is going to premiere in this channel HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES on Sunday, October 4 at 9PM EST/8PM central. 

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