One Month Garden Update

It has been one month to the date since we acquired our community garden plot. It’s been dug out, hoed, tilled and sowed with seeds of all sorts. How will it continue to grow? Only time will tell in that.

I’m pleased to say that our late growing season crops are in fact growing. Our tomatoes and peppers have equally grown inches tall and have even started producing fruit we can pick and enjoy mid August. My porch herbs that were transplanted have shown significant growth ( the chives especially) since being put in the ground.

I’ve thrown all sorts of flower seeds into the ground and they are getting taller! I can’t wait to see all those late Summer into Fall blooms. We had a few volunteer sunflowers that had fallen into my herb planter pots that have been moved to another part of the garden to grow. Who knew you could grow sunflowers so easily from fallen bird seed?

We did have a few issues with part of our bed getting over watered. The neighboring bed was using a water sprinkler and its reach was just a bit too far on our side. We may have a lost a few plants ( a couple of Brussels sprouts) to downside of too much water. All is resolved now. It’s good to keep an eye out and communicate with your neighbors if sharing a general area.

We’ve met some great people out at the community gardens. We’ve gotten fresh heads of lettuce, beautiful flowers (Calendula), herbs (Rosemary!) and berries (raspberries we used to make a cobbler!) out of their kindness and generosity. I’m hoping we can return the favor with the things we are growing as well.

It’s been good to get outside during everything going out in the world right now. The friendly kitty above said hi and walked with us a bit after we tended to our garden. Isn’t he handsome? He reminds me a of a cat I had as little girl that was an orange tabby I named “Zipper”.