In Not Completely “Spacing” Out

The kids have been having fun putting together all sorts of puzzles during our screen free times. When we can’t get outside or just a need a little less input from all the things going on around us turning on some tunes and engaging in crafts, arts, and puzzles seems to help out a lot!

I wrote up a review on this specific puzzle and why we like and recommend it below!

The FIGHTART 1000 Piece Jigsaw Space Puzzle my family likes!

This puzzled shipped well. There was no damage to the product at all. It didn’t emit any weird smells or alarming odors.

What you get is are the 1000 pieces to put together when completed a large 27.56 X 19.68 Inch sized puzzle. In addition to the puzzle, a poster of the puzzle is included! My kids loved there was a poster included and couldn’t wait to get it put up in their room.

There are helpful instructions given to help make the puzzle construction easier which are not in English. However, on this instruction paper there are images in which can make out how to do so. Basically on the back side of the puzzle there are letters A-F. The puzzle is grouped into these sections. If you get stuck putting the puzzle together, it is very helpful in picking up a piece, flipping it over and knowing which area it goes in.

My 12 and 9.5 year old put this puzzle together in a few days 3-5. They never once became frustrated and did like the fact the A-F feature is part of this for when they do get stuck. You can also sort the puzzle pieces out and work in sections too.

The puzzle is made well. The image is bold and printed well. The pieces stay put together not easily coming apart.

There are no rough edges or signs of wearing out any time soon.

We like this puzzle and will likely put it together again and again. It’s $19.99 as of this posting and we highly recommended it if you love space and want something fun to do together as a family.