How I Make My Easy DIY Masks

This week I blew the dust off my sewing machine. My goal in pulling it out was to make up a stash of masks. I wanted enough mask to have on hand for each member of the family to stash in a bag/purse, glove box, and to locate right away when needed.

We live in Oregon and it is mandatory that if you are at any public place, you need to wear a mask. I feel you should also wear them outside if you are going to be around other people to help prevent further spread. My main goal is to have very comfortable masks for my kids. I want them not to mind wearing them for short or long periods of time. I get the ear fatigue and pain so I tried a few different styles with different materials to get a mask we all like.

The base tutorial I am using I found at . I followed these instructions but changed out the elastic and the closures it recommended. I personally feel the rounded elastic is easier on the ears. It is soft and doesn’t cut in like flat elastic can. I use We can wear this style without using ear savers.

The elastic I am using is “VATIN 150 Yards Length 1/8 inch Width Elastic“. The toggle clasps I am using so we can adjust the fit comfortably are the IAMUQ 200 PCS Cord Locks Silicone PVC Toggles. The material I am using with the floral prints I found on (any cotton fabric will work). These masks have pockets and in them I am using the PM 2.5 Filters 5 Layers Replacable Activated Carbon Filters.

I strongly support wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is loving others. It is being respectful. It is doing something to try to curb the spread of COVID-19. Personally it is also being an example to my children to put others first always. This isn’t for just your personal protection but mainly to not infect someone else if you do have this awful virus. This is something we can do to HELP.

There are a lot of patterns and videos out there with lots of styles so I encourage you to find one you like and stick with it if you plan on making your own masks for your family, friends and community. Much love to you all!