Our Community Garden Plot!

This week we got an email that a garden plot was available for us to claim at our local community garden. We had been on the waiting list since last July and were very surprised with the news!

Yesterday, my husband went to look at the available plots and to fill out any of the needed paperwork. We got a 30×30 bit of earth for our gardening for $40.00 a year. That’s a pretty good deal considering we don’t have to pay for the water or anything like that. We have the option to renew when the time is up and if we want and if it’s available we could get other plots beside ours if no one has claimed them.

This is the part where I am regretting that we let go and gave away all of our previous gardening tools 2 moves ago. The plot is pretty over grown with grass and weeds that burst through the lain tarps. We cleared a bit yesterday by hand and a single shovel but we are going to need to use our weed eater ( it has been living in my in-laws garage), and invest in a hoe and hand tiller ( or borrow a small tiller from someone) to get the rest completed.

What will we plant? My oldest daughter wants a salsa garden so for certain there will be tomatoes and peppers. We will plant other things too like herbs and flowers. Since we are a little late in the planting season, I plan on most certainly having a Fall and Winter garden too.

We are all excited and thanking God for this blessing. I thought at first we’d only be getting a small planter type bed but it turned out it was much bigger than anticipated. With a year of lots of changes, this certainly has been a welcome one.

Are you gardening this year?