Mostly Wordless Wednesday: My First Try at Macrame!

This is the result of having another item malfunction that I needed to use for other work this week. I have always wanted to try my hand at macrame and with the extra time given, I was able to create my very own hanging planter!

-The Material I Used-

The GEMITTO Woven Rope is great for this sort of project.

It shipped well with no damage coming to the rope. It didn’t emit any musty odors or chemical like smells.

It doesn’t come on a spool or in a ball but in a bundle. I didn’t find it difficult to work from in that format is often working with yarn the same way. It may be easier for one to make it into a ball and then start working from it.

The cord is strong and has a bit of stretch to it. It’s easy to undo a knot needed before making it really tight in a project.

The color is a rich shade of green and I would call it emerald. It hasn’t bled at all even when damp which is a huge plus.

The cord is strong and holds well being used both in and outdoors. It dries quickly when damp and is showing no signs of wear.

It hasn’t agitated my hands being soft instead of rough.

I like it this for hanging plant holders and am eager to try other projects as it can also be used for creating decor, bags and much more.

The Video I Learned From!