Gardening: Come Rain or Shine Weekend Progress!

It was a busy weekend in the garden. We know we are a little late into the season so we are working hard now to get the area ready for planting (i.e cleared of grass, weeds, old tarps, etc…). We went on Saturday hoping for a break in the rain and there was a very SHORT break. We did all we could before we all were soaked and it was just too muddy to continue.

Sunday promised blue skies scattered with clouds and did it ever deliver. We headed back out to the garden spot after home church and worked out there till dinner time around 5pm.

We aren’t quite done planting nor clearing the rest of the plot but we did get a lot done. We now have the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, my established herbs, chives, brussel sprouts and a plethora of flower seeds into the ground.

This week after the rainy days, we plan on trying to get the rest cleared and put a few more crops into the ground such as lettuce, corn, pumpkins and beans. We have a heat wave coming of 80 degree weather so we’ll be working out there later evening ( plus since we all work together it would be after my husband gets off work).