Melody’s 12th Birthday!

We celebrated Melody’s 12th birthday last weekend though her actual birthday is on Wednesday. We took advantage of her Dad being off for Memorial Day as well as the cooler weather. It gets really warm in our apartment so baking a cake ( Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting and Strawberry Jam inside!) and a chicken pot pie when it’s 60 degrees is far better than when it’s 86 inside and 90’s outside!

A Fresh Made Chicken Pot Pie from a favorite local farm per request of the birthday girl.
Cool purse from Grandma and Grandpa Lowmaster with Oregon town names on it!

Some of the things she got this year was the new Animal Crossings Game on the Switch, a few new Fall and Winter hats and beanies ( made by me), cash for whatever she wants to spend it on from both grandparents and a dice game from one of her Aunts.

Despite not going to the coast or the local theme park this year as planned, she still had a good 12th birthday with tasty morsels and gifts she liked. Tell me how do I have a preteen now?