Lydia’s 4th Birthday!

Over the weekend, we celebrated sweet Miss Lydia’s 4th birthday! Instead of our original plan made months ahead of time of picnicking at a local miniature train park where you can take all the miniature train rides your heart desired, we had to make other plans since many things are shutdown due to Covid-19.

Friday the weather was absolutely beautiful so we took an early before noon walk. The sun warm upon our skin, the fresh air sweet with the scent of blooming tree blossoms and Spring flowers.

I loved hearing the playful laughter of my children as they hopped and skipped upon the carefully made paths. With a desire to learn and still full of wonder, all three pointed out various interesting to see foliage as well as the various animals both high and low. A walk that certainly was welcome to us all as our days are spent mainly inside which sometimes can wear us thin. However, we endure remaining in our home out of our love and respect for our neighbors.

After our walk, we all packed into the car and drove a little way up the road to gather a special birthday lunch of Chic-Fil-A per request of the birthday girl herself.

We ordered our meal over the restaurant App and parked in the designated spot for pick up. We were quite surprised with just how busy Chic-Fil-A was. All the employees wore masks and worked quickly while remaining polite and cheerful as usual ,

While we were going to park and eat the meal in car for a change in scenery, there was no space to do so there so we headed back to have it at home. Delicious and satisfied, we enjoyed our meal thoroughly!

Lydia’s kids meal included a sweet book called Duck & Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills. The tale is fun and the take away is to try new things that sometimes might seem a little scary. This cute book has made us eager to take a trip out to the beach once allowed again!

The Birthday girl was specific on her cake. Specifically she asked for chocolate on the inside and out, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries and sprinkles. Check, Check, and Check. Her birthday cake came out well. It was my first time throwing together chocolate buttercream and it came out rich but not too sweet. It was just right! The two-layered chocolate strawberry cake was moist, delicious and most important loved by my daughter,

Lydia loved getting a special birthday card in the mail from her Grandma that’s lives a distance away. She liked the two loom knitting dolls and cupcakes I made her. She also got a special gift of a Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Babies. It was surprise toy so you don’t know till you open it what it is. Hers was a cute little yellow duck….seems to be an unintended trend for her birthday weekend.

As this weekend ends and another week starts I’m pleased my daughter had a joyful 4th birthday despite not getting to spend it doing what we had planned and with-going being with friends and other family members. She did stress wishing she could have had a party but she understands enough that these days are looking a little different for us all right now. I’m proud of the young lady she is becoming and looking forward to seeing what age 4 holds for her.