Having a Junior Church

Going to church is very important for some families, while others only experiment with it. Oftentimes, families look for churches that have programs for their kids. If your church is trying to reach more people, you may want to consider starting a junior church. Here are four things that you should make sure you include in it if you do.


Kids of all ages love playing games, especially when there are prizes that are involved. Make sure you have some lined up for each service. They should be a part of your program, but they can also help you pass time if you finish everything else. Bible trivia questions and answers are something you should have on hand every week.  


Singing Bible songs is one of the best ways to instill biblical truth in your junior church kids. It’s easy for young people to learn a new song and go around singing it throughout the week. There are several resources out there that can provide you with songs, so there should be no thoughts of not having songs.  


Every class should have a Bible story. It is the very reason for having a junior church. This time is dedicated to teaching the Bible to kids on a kid-friendly level. You can also have stories about missionaries or great Christians who are the example that all should follow.


The importance of teaching prayer to young kids is of utmost importance. Sharing the truth about talking with God while they are young can help them remember to do this when they are older. Have a time of prayer each week and encourage the kids to pray every day no matter where they are.

Many who go to church will focus their way of living around what is being taught and preached. Having a class where the kids can learn and understand biblical truths can really help families grow together.