DesignCap {Review}

DesignCap is an amazing online graphic design software that makes it super easy to create custom designs with thousands of templates!

I’ve been using this online design app for about a week now and I’m quite pleased with all the capabilities it offers. You can start from scratch or use one of the already pre-made templates of which there are thousands!

What is offered? There are category templates for info-graphics, presentation, posters business, flyers, invitations, Youtube Channel art, Facebook Cover and Instagram Posts. There are also business cards, logos, brochures, menus and more! Did know you aren’t limited to just these categories, you can make your own graphics for Instagram, Pintrest and whatever else you need.

Is it easy to use? It really is. I have been having fun with it creating images for both work and pleasure. I have never had it slow down in the creating process. I have never asked how do I save this or undo what I just did. It is incredibly easy to navigate, find and create exactly as I want.

What if I don’t like the images, text, and so forth on the pre-made templates? No problem. You can upload your own photos! There is also a vast photo image and clipart library to search through and add those photos into your desired project. The text you can scroll through the offered font to get what you like in style, color, and so forth. You can also change background patterns and color and adjust brightness, apply filters and more!

Something this great must come at a price, right? Yes and no. First-most, you can use DesignCap for free but you will be limited to some aspects such as content, number of designs that can be saved on your account etc. I personally find the year subscription which gives you complete free-range for just $5.99 a month ( $71.88 billed annually) an incredible deal. If you want you don’t want to commit to yearly, there’s a monthly option available too.

Overall thoughts? I’m 100% percent satisfied. I find Design Cap affordable and not a headache to use. It gives me the polished look I am wanting for my online branding but it is also great for creating designs I would be using for things like party invitations, thank you cards, project posters for our homeschooling and more.

**I posted a new Blog topper recently made in Design Cap for here and for my Facebook Blog page and the image above for my Knitwear shop **

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*