Loom Knit Upcycled Mesh Produce Bag Scrubby Pattern

I consider myself a frugal person. I try to reduce waste and reuse things as much as possible. That said, I decided to combine my love of knitting and the mesh produce bags we often get from the local food bank to create a helpful household cleaning aid. In using this mesh, I am saving money by not spending extra money on specialty scrubby yarns in using what I already have.

-DIY Scrubby Material!-

Loom Knit Upcycled Mesh Produce Bag Scrubby Pattern

You will need :

A skein of worsted weight cotton yarn
2-3 Mesh Produce Bags
24 peg Knifty Knitter loom or equivlant
Scissors, Needle, & Loom Knitting Hook

Cast on a single strand of cotton with the drawstring method. To preform this cast on, you will need to wrap every other peg making sure one has a strand on it and the next has the strand behind it on the first row.

On the second row you will bring the yarn across every peg that doesn’t have a strand and on the pegs that do you will take the bottom loop over the working yarn. In performing this cast on, you will be able to draw stitches tightly together at the end for cinching up the scrubby round.

After casting on with the single strand of cotton yarn, you will then pick up and start working with the mesh bag strands holding both together. E-wrap knit a total of 12 rows from the cast on.

Stitches will resemble this.

In casting off I let the mesh strand go to weave in later and only use the strand of cotton to lift the stitches off as it makes for a cleaner finish. To preform a drawstring cast off, cut the working yarn about 12 inches long and simply pick up and off each stitch off the pegs. Once all the loops/stitches are lifted off the pegs, you will then pull the finishing strand tight and cinch up the top of the scrubby and knot off.

Drawing the needle up through the stitches to pull/cast off.

I like to weave the ends in both the top and bottom side and push any remaining tails inside of the scrubby for extra plush and scrubbing power.

Draw the stitches up tight till your scrubby resembles something like this.

These scrubbies work so well in the kitchen for cleaning dishes, pots, pans, cast iron, and the sink. These also work well for scrubbing away mess in the bathrooms. These aren’t limited to just dishes and countertops as you can also use them to scrubby vegetables like potatoes to get dirt of before cooking. For keeping these clean I wash as normal in the wash or throw them in the dishwasher.

The uses of these upcycled scrubbies are vast and these make awesome gifts too!